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Custom Software Development

One of our greatest strengths is customized software development. Valdar Technologies has the expertise and experience to provide our clients with custom software solutions that not only meet their needs, but to exceed them.

Customized = Understanding + Recommendation -

Valdar Technologies not only takes the time to understand our clients’ idea but also their company and industry. By doing this, it allows us to recommend just the right tools, technologies, and frameworks to accomplish our clients’ goals.

Software Development Quality and Adaptability –

Our software development team focuses on quality, not just in the user experiences, but also all the way down to coding. We develop software that is scalable, reliable, robust, adaptable, and using industry best-practices for specific application. We also experience in building software and devices under regulated environment. At Valdar Technologies, we develop code that we are proud of in every project we complete.

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Custom Software Solutions

Valdar Technologies has the expertise and knowhow to design and develop complex projects that involve integration between multiple technologies. By designing, building, and managing innovative software technologies, we help our clients work more efficiently, expand their products and services, and improve their overall technology strategy. Our clientele range from start-ups to Fortune-100 companies. No matter what size our clients’ projects are, we have the resources to make them success.

Communications –

We ask questions about the plan driving our engagement and we then take in the answers. It allows us to gain tremendous insight into our clients’ business, industry and the challenges at hand before suggesting a solution.

Professional –

We are aware and sensitive to clients’ time and cost constraints. Valdar Technologies will not propose custom work if we know of a possible off-the –shelf solution. If risks or challenges arise, we mitigate them immediately and identify ways to adapt.

Hardware and Software Consultation

Every project is unique and Valdar Technologies takes software and hardware consulting projects very seriously. We want to make sure our clients are using the most efficient and cost-effective way in software and hardware development to bring their ideas to live. Our project team is trained to help our clients get the most out of their development budget while making sure the software and hardware projects are aligned with our clients’ project scope, costs, requirements and business objectives.

Audience Targeting Solutions –

Valdar Technologies not only takes the time to understand our clients’ idea but also their company and industry. We also want to be able to understand what our clients are building and why besides just writing elegant code. This allows us to offer the best advice or solutions along the way to ensure our clients get the maximum benefit from their software projects.

Right Technology Choices Do Matter –

Choosing the right tools for the task is the key to success. It is important for us to know what our clients are trying to build before we make technology recommendations. The idea is simple – you have to understand the job before you pick the tool to accomplish it. Due to the diversity of expertise at Valdar Technologies, we have the experts on almost every platform in the market. Whether our clients’ project calls for a Winders or .Net solution, or would work better on mobile platforms, we have experienced project team caters to their needs. Our extensive experience with software development allow us to recommend our clients on how best to design projects in relation to hardware and software as to minimize the integration time.

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Technology Consultation

From enterprise back-end systems to consumer mobile devices, today technology is always changing and it changed business rapidly. Companies that have the right systems and software and whose employees are proficient in their use, have a vital competitive advantage. Valdar Technologies understands the operational requirements of business and how information technology can contribute to clients’ success. With properly structured information technology, clients can boost employee and company efficiency and productivity, and, the bottom line, to increase profit. Based on a solid understanding of our clients’ business, services, products and customers, we can help our clients enhance operational efficiency, as well as provide them with a short and long-term information technology plan.

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